Jiangxi Haoran Bio-pharma Co.,Ltd won many honors such as “Top 10 Enterprises for Scientific and Technological Innovation”, “Top 10 Enterprises for High Growth”, etc

On June 11, Nanchang High tech Zone held the 2022 Economic Work and Scientific and Technological Innovation Conference, at which the High tech Zone presented a "big gift package" of 71.01 million yuan and won six "top ten" enterprises and outstanding talents, including "top ten enterprises of scientific and technological innovation", "top ten enterprises of high growth" and "top ten enterprises of service industry". We solemnly commend the excellent and strong enterprises in the High tech Zone that have made outstanding contributions in all walks of life, paid taxes in good faith, increased the total amount, led innovation and grew rapidly in 2022

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Wang Wanzheng, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and secretary of the District Party Working Committee, attended the meeting and made a report on economic work in 2021. Li Qinghong, Deputy Director of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Chen Weirong, Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Science and Technology, Wei Guowen, Deputy President of the Provincial Academy of Sciences, He Yanjun, Deputy Director of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Huang Duanwei, Deputy Director of the Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology, and members of the management committee of the District Party Working Committee attended the meeting and presented awards to the representatives of the award-winning enterprises and outstanding talents.

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Relying on its solid foundation and continuous innovation, Jiangxi Hao Bio Pharma-pharma Co., Ltd. was awarded the "Top 10 Enterprises for Scientific and Technological Innovation" and "Top 10 Enterprises for High Growth" in Nanchang Hi tech Zone.

In 2021, Haoran Biotech will adhere to the trend of continuous innovation and development, strengthen the investment in the construction of innovative development strategy in the original, and continue to promote a number of important initiatives such as technological breakthrough, business innovation and marketing upgrading, so as to create a good situation for promoting the high-quality, cost-effective and large-scale development of the company.

In 2021, Haoran has taken a new step, from the production of pharmaceutical intermediates to APIs, to the upgrading of production preparations. As one of the largest biochemical drug raw material manufacturers with the most complete varieties in China, the third phase of construction is under way, with new animal derived biochemical drug raw material workshops and pre filled injection production lines. Haoran creatures stride forward.

The great honor is the recognition and praise of Haoran's unremitting efforts and continuous innovation in 2021, and it is also a spur to forge ahead and create brilliance again.

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As a local innovative science and technology enterprise, Haoran will continue to focus on the innovation and breakthrough of biopharmaceutical technology, seize the opportunity of the times, refine research and development, strengthen curative effect, further enhance the value of brand innovation, promote the sustainable and rapid development of biopharmaceuticals in the local region, implement the strategic deployment of the Party, promote the "three-year butterfly change" of the high-tech zone, seize the opportunity, meet the difficulties, and create a new situation of high-quality leap forward development by taking on practical work, Make new and greater contributions.

Post time: Jun-11-2022